Frequently Asked Questions

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We are not a Southern style outfit rather a West Coast style company. No sauce, no bones, no mess.

Left Coast Open Pit is the term we use to describe our unique style of barbecue that originated in Santa Maria, California. The product we proudly provide is like no other. Premium boneless meats dry rubbed and cooked on-site over a hardwood fire paired with sides that are 100% handcrafted from scratch for each and every event.

Yes, always. We have giant custom-built trailers with integrated grills and fireboxes. This makes our catering not just great food, but something of an event in and of itself.

Neither. We use only real hardwood to achieve the best possible flavor – primarily red oak but also hickory when the menu requires it.

We show up approximately 2-3 hours prior to your designated serve time.

While the fire is being started the staff will set up the serving tables with the equipment as required and prepare for the onsite cooking. The actual cooking can take from 1.5-3 hours depending on the selections. As serving starts our staff will keep the food levels full until the meal is complete. Once the meal is complete our staff will package up any left overs and leave for the customer, break down all our equipment from serve and prep areas, extinguish the pit and depart.  Our staff typically is onsite for 4-6 hours depending on size and circumstance of event.