Fire-Roasted Salsa
w/ tortilla chips V

Salsa vegetables grilled over our wood fire then chopped up into our famous recipe. Nothing compares!

Great as an appetizer or have it accompany your meal.

Q IT UP! Brand Pork Sausage

Ground pork tubed up with our signature flavors and grilled over our oak wood fire! Spicy or Mild.

Cocktail Shrimp Platters

Plump tiger prawns arranged with our zesty cocktail sauce.

Cheese and Cracker Plates

Assorted cheese and crackers.

*contains gluten

Signature Open-Pit Specialties

Beef Tri-Tip Sirloin

Specially seasoned Tri-Tip sirloin slow cooked whole then sliced for serving.

Left Coast Boneless Thighs

Our famous boneless chicken thighs dusted with our Mild or “Extreme” Fire dry rub.

Pork Loin Bravura

Whole boneless pork loin rubbed with our bold seasoning, slow cooked whole then sliced for serving.

Q IT UP! Chicken Breasts

Juicy boneless chicken breasts dusted with our signature dry rub.

Premium Open-Pit Specialties

Turkey Our Way

Not just for the holidays anymore! Boneless turkey seasoned and grilled for an awesome poultry alternative!

Beef Tenderloin

The most tender cut of all…seasoned and slow cooked to heavenly perfection!

Pork Tenderloin

Succulent PTL rubbed with our handcrafted blend of seasonings, grilled whole over our wood fire.

Ahi Tuna Steaks

Sushi grade tuna steaks seasoned and seared over our wood fire for unbelievable flavor!


(Hot Sides)

Seasoned Steamed Corn V

Whole kernel corn in our famous seasoned butter. Our most popular hot side!

Steamed Green Beans

Green beans tossed in a lightly seasoned butter with bacon then topped off with house toasted almond slivers.

BBQ Beans (Pork)

Almost traditional…

Sweet yet savory with a ‘Q IT UP kick including bicolored beans and lotsa real bacon and pork loin!

Left Coast Pintos (Beef)

Old family secret recipe! Tender pintos in a tomato and onion base with plenty of tri-tip bits.

This recipe takes 2 days to perfect so advanced notice is required (but it’s worth it!)

(Cold Sides)

Dill Potato Salad V

Light yet flavorful. Perfect balance of rich and creamy with vibrant green dill rounding off the flavors perfectly.

Cole Slaw V

Fresh cabbage in a slightly sweet dressing. A year round favorite!

Cheddar Mac Salad

Fresh macaroni pasta, crisp veggies and spices in a creamy traditional dressing with cheddar cheese and real bacon pieces to step it up a notch

*contains gluten

Greek Pasta Salad

Penne Pasta tossed in a Greek vinaigrette dressing with fresh tomato, black olives, onion and feta cheese.

*contains gluten

Premium Sides

Grilled Corn on the Cob (Aug-Sept or in-season only) V

Local corn OTC shucked and grill then soaked in our famous seasoned butter for a unique flavor!

Cheesy Hash Brown Potatoes V

The name says it all! Our recipe would make its Western intermountain founders proud!

*topping contains gluten

Sweet Bacon Bowtie Pasta Salad

Bowtie pasta, real bacon, cheddar cheese, and a variety of crisp vegetables finished off in a sweet and creamy poppy seed dressing. Our most popular cold side!

*contains gluten

Sweet Pea Pasta Salad

Radiatore pasta with sweet peas, sunflower seeds, and an assortment of vegetables topped off with a lightly sweet and creamy honey mustard dressing.

*contains gluten

Green Salad V

Fresh green salad with choice of 2 dressings. Ranch, Italian or Honey Mustard